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Explore Facility Management is trusted by many of the world’s premier brands in a variety of industries as being the best provider of janitorial services.


    Our fully insured / skilled technicians come prepared with the very best in professional equipment and products to tackle any of your power and pressure washing needs.


      Our offices cleaning services have been designed in compliance with the HIPPA & OSHA regulations.


        When it comes to dental office cleaning service, we have a dedicated team of contractors who specialize in dental office cleaning. No other business requires attention to detail cleaning activities like the dental industry.


        With more than years of experience in state-of-the-art carpet care, Explore Facility Management is well positioned to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service available.


        We’ll make sure your dealership looks it’s best. Our crew has been trained to provide a detailed service. Allow us to build up your dealership presentation. We have the right cleaning products and cleaning machines to get the job done exceeding expectations.


        Religious sanctuaries such as churches, synagogues, or mosques are more than just a place to pray. They are a place where communities can come together. Explore Facility Management is devoted to creating a schedule that will keep the religious facility clean on a regular basis.

        DAY CARE

        Explore Facility Management specializes in daycare cleaning. Our mission is to provide the right services and exceptional customer service to our clients at competitive cost, relieving them from the day to day concerns and potential issues.


        Medical facilities provide unique challenges for a janitorial cleaning service. Medical janitorial providers must have experience and knowledge that not only provide clean environments, but reduce cross contamination and infection.

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